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If you’re still using Linktree for multiple links in your Instagram profile, allow me to show you a better and free alternative, which is none other than

This new alternative has a free option that allows you to create short links, multiple links in your Instagram bio, and even gives you accurate statistics of the performance of your campaigns. doesn’t have advertisements, allows removable bio links branding, and gives you in-depth statistics, Facebook pixels, and even custom bio links colors, which you won't find in Linktree. is definitely the better option and to demonstrate this claim read on to find out how using Linktree on your Instagram bio makes you lose leads, destroys your brand image, and does very little good to your marketing. To start off, let's look at what both apps do.

What Are LinkTree and Apps? 

These are basically third-party apps that you can use to get around the Instagram bio single link rule. Normally, Instagram and other social media apps only allow you to have one link in your profile. 

Both LinkTree and apps provide a landing page where you can connect multiple links to the single link on your Instagram profile.

Here are five shortcomings of for your Instagram bio link. 

Lately, Linktree Instagram links seem to be getting banned or marked as spam by Instagram quite frequently and without notice. This can only mean that Linktree no longer has a stellar reputation on Instagram. 

The free version of Linktree comes with just a few color schemes which may not be in line with your brand or logo color scheme and may not even create a cohesive brand experience. You will still be limited to the app's themes even with the paid version.

This means that you may not have the option to add images or a bio to help people identify your personal brand from the rest if you are all using the same color schemes and themes. 

The free version of Linktree comes with the app's logo at the bottom that you cannot remove until you get a paid version. This doesn't help much when you want to promote your personal brand.

The worst thing about Linktree is that they don't give you a free and easy way to track your analytics and check how well or poorly your campaigns are doing. The paid version has a semblance of analytics which is quite limited. You won't have data for other purposes such as retargeting your advertisements.

Why is a Better Alternative allows you to add multiple links to your Instagram and TikTok profiles to help you increase the amount of traffic you can get from your posts and videos. You can send the traffic you generate on Instagram two different websites and landing pages from a single account. also allows you to create beautiful bio link pages straight from your dashboard, manage multiple projects from the same account, create short links, and, best of all, gives you daily statistics of your campaigns. It’s even integrated with Google Analytics. has most of the features in the free version. It’s definitely the better alternative compared to Linktree.

Last updated on: 11 March, 2020